Monday, March 21, 2011

A Lovely Pair

These are a pair but I realized that 1.) I forgot to take before pictures, and 2.) I only took pictures of one at a time so, as far as you know, I only refinished one nightstand. I assure you that I really did refinish two nightstands that were once ugly dark brown, fake wood tables with hideous brass knobs. I just wasn't sure what to do with these tables so I let them sit next to my bed for months in their terrible overly-glossy state. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I decided on white and blue to go with my gold/yellow bedroom. I think these turned out pretty well considering they only cost $11 for the pair! I guess that doesn't include the cost of the paint (Lowes gift card) or the knobs (Anthropologie gift card) or my time, but we won't mention any of those!

I can't really get these pictures posted the way that I want but I'm just gonna let it go. I HATE it when I can't figure out how to do something the way that I want it to be done! Oh well, you get the point. I was simply trying to show that I painted the inside of the little cubby hole a light blue that I mixed myself using two colors that I got at Lowes. I was also trying to show off these cute little Anthropologie ceramic knobs. They are so cute! The pictures don't do them justice.

Now for the next project! I have this dresser that I got at the Les Passes Stock Exchange last year and I couldn't help but paint it. I liked the color. I liked the slight distressed look that I had going. I did NOT like the fact that the paint just scraped off whith little or no effort. I read on a blog that you didn't really have to sand a piece of furniture before you paint it---you just have to prime it. Not so! In my case, at least, the paint just wouldn't stick. Soooo, I stripped the dresser down to his bare bones and now I don't know what to do with him. He is a him because he is tall and the matching piece is a girl because she is shorter and she comes with a lovely curvy mirror. One is a chest of drawers and the other is a dresser but I can never remember which is which. Anyway...I don't know whether to stain him or paint him. Did I mention that there is a her too?

I can't tell you how long it just took me to post these last two pictures.


  1. Sooo impressed!! Cannot wait to see what you will do with my dresser :) IT is all super cousinly!

  2. Only the most cousinly things will work for us cousins!

  3. Charity- thanks for the comment on my Super Inspired post! The Rorschach is such a great idea for design right? After Jenny linked my post to her blog Ive gotten so much encouraging feedback- it's been pretty exciting:) Im actually working on another print for someone who found me through LGN and contatcted me through my ETSY page- crazy stuff this blog world!

    Anyhow- your babes are gorgeous! I am totally gonna checkout your recipes and add your blog to me daily reads... I hope this finds you well!