Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mmmm...Fresh Bread

Well, the first crafty thing that I did after I started this blog (actually it was the night before) was to make bread. I have been making bread for about six weeks now, and I LOVE it. I haven't had to buy any baked goods at the store for these last six weeks! It was a little bit tricksy (that's right, tricksy) at first, but I think that I have totally gotten the hang of it. I am going to apologize in advance for the very mediocre and amateur pictures on this blog. I have no idea how to take a decent looking picture, but you never know, that may change. Anyway, here are some pictures of a lovely couple of bread loaves that I happen to know. One of them has recently had a bad accident with a serrated knife, a toaster, and a jar of yummy strawberry jam from one of my favorite places is the world (the bakery in Tracy City/Monteagle). I will post the recipe in a short bit. I made my first rolls ever this past week from this recipe and they were sooo great.

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