Sunday, May 31, 2009

More jewelry?

I am officially on a jewelry-making kick. I am not as happy with this as I was with the first attempt, but I do like it. The picture taking also went a little more smoothly this time. I only had to take about thirty pictures to get one decent picture. Maybe next time I can get it down to about fifteen or so. Some of you might have already noticed the extra special doggy hair treat that is attached to the pendant. You probably already asked yourself "How in the world did she miss the dog hair on the pendant?" I have no idea how I took thirty different pictures without noticing it, but I did. So there you go. I cannot get this picture to move to the center! I am so horrible at computer stuff!


  1. I do not see dog hair... and now I see why you had to rush away from supper club. This blog is apparently taking over your life Charity. I think a little FB might tone you down.

  2. This is NOT why I left supper club! This only took about 5 minutes. I had to leave because Ray, Robert, and Jared were waiting at my house to run. So there.

  3. Nerts! I meant to take pictures at supper club so I could post them.