Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wire-wrapped pendant

Ok, so the hardest thing about this pendant was taking the flipping picture. Who knew that taking a picture of jewelry was so hard?! I know that the picture is not that great, but you should have seen the (seriously) fifty or so pictures before and after this. This post should really be titled "My first jewelry photograph". Well, anyway, I made some earrings last night for Isabelle's teachers for teacher's appreciation day or something like that, and it made me want to try something a little more intricate. I tried to take pictures of the earrings last night, but I gave up pretty early in the process. I have made sooo many earrings over the years and I have always meant to try something that involves a little more wire wrapping. This was my first try and I have to say that I'm actually quite pleased with the end result. All I have to say is, if I can do it so can you! I think I use way to many commas!

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