Thursday, July 30, 2009

Freshly-made earrings

This is seriously the only thing I've made, cooking or otherwise, in about a week. No, I take that back...I did make pudding shooters for girl's night at Adrienne's on Tuesday but that hardly counts. Stirring together pudding mix, milk, and alcohol does not count as making something in my book. Unless you count making a mess as creating something. I am pretty good at that! Anyway, I decided to put some stuff on to see if it would sell or if it would just continue to sit in my craft bag. Little did I know that it would take like 100 hours of me randomly snapping horrible pictures to get one OK shot of these earrings. I finally had to call in an expert (Beth) to help me out. Turns out I have to wait for a sunny day so I can take pictures in natural light. I am such a dummy. I thought that I would go ahead and post the only decent picture that came out of that whole 10 hours of wasted time, part of which was spent taking pictures and opening the same web page, literally, 20 times due to blood sugar in the 20's. I have to find a better way to spend my time!


  1. Charity- I LOVE the earrings and the picture looks perfect. I love the composition.

  2. Thanks! It only took, seriously, about 10 hours of work to do this. Check out my shop on Etsy. It's sweetcharitydawn...whatever else goes on the end of that! Let me know what you think about it and the prices.